Economics seminar series and related events

The seminar series is held on Fridays from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in 307 Tilton Memorial Hall. Exceptions are in green. Other colloquia and lectures that may interest economists are also listed. This schedule can be added to your calendar. We have prepared an information sheet for seminar visitors.

Fall 2015 (coming soon!)


Spring 2015

Feb 27, 2015

Raymond Robertson

Macalester College

Econ seminar: Trade, Migration, and the Place Premium: Mexico and the United States

Thurs, March 5, 4:00 pm: Rogers Memorial Chapel

Lawrence Katz

Harvard University

Murphy Yates Lecture: Understanding Long Run Changes in U.S. Wage Inequality

March 13, 2015

Michael Price

Georgia State University

Econ seminar: TBA

March 20, 2015

Ian McCarthy

Emory University

Econ seminar: Understanding the Limited Demand for Long-term Care Insurance: The Role of Financial Literacy

March 27, 2015

Michael Luca

Harvard University

Econ seminar: Optimal Aggregation of Consumer Ratings: An Application to

Apr 10, 2015

Sebastian Otten

Rheinisch-Westfaelisches Institut

Econ seminar: (New topic) The Role of Source- and Host-Country Characteristics in Female Immigrant Labor Supply

Apr 17, 2015

Christopher Cronin (new!)

Notre Dame

Econ seminar: Insurance-Induced Moral Hazard: A Dynamic Model of Within-Year Medical Care Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Monday, April 20, 2015, 3:00 pm: Mayer 106

William Neilson

University of Tennessee

Econ seminar: Shareholder Protection and Dividend Policy: An Experimental Analysis

April 24, 2015

Susanna Loeb

Stanford University

Econ seminar: One Step at a Time: The Effects of an Early Literacy Text Messaging Program for Parents of Preschoolers

Fall 2014

Sep 12, 2014

Nick Sanders

William and Mary

Econ seminar: Coal to Crops: Fuel Makeup, Air Pollution, and Domestic Food Production

Sep 19, 2014

Jonah Gelbach


Econ seminar: When Do Covariates Matter? And Which Ones, and How Much?

Sep 26, 2014

Douglas Nelson

Tulane University

Econ seminar: Nontariff Barriers, Integration and the Transatlantic Economy

Mon, Oct 6, 2014, 12 noon: Gibson 126A

Christopher Ellis


Econ seminar: Dynamic Dissolutions and Unifications

Oct 17, 2014

Stephen Younger


Econ seminar: The Incidence of Recent Child Health Improvements

Oct 24, 2014

Murphy Institute Conference: Expanding the Frontiers of Behavioral Public Economics

Oct 31, 2014: 12 noon, Tilton 307

Anne van den Nouweland

University of Oregon

Econ seminar: Lindahl and Equilibrium

Nov 7, 2014

David Malueg

University of California-Riverside

Econ seminar: Private-Information Group Contests

Nov 21, 2014

Bradley Shapiro

University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Econ seminar: Positive Spillovers and Free Riding in Advertising of Prescription Pharmaceuticals: the Case of Antidepressants

Mon, Dec 1, 2014, 3:00 pm: Gibson 126A

Michael Burda

Humboldt University, Berlin

Econ seminar: Payroll Taxes, Social Insurance and Business Cycles

Dec 5, 2014

Steven Slutsky


Econ seminar: A Little Bit Nasty, Some of the Time: Mixed Strategy Equilibria in Political Campaigns with Continuous Negativity

Archived seminars

Spring 2014

Jan 17, 2014

Brian McManus


Econ seminar: Learning by Driving: Productivity Improvements by New York City Taxi Drivers

Jan 31, 2014

Peter Arcidiacono


Econ seminar: University Differences in the Graduation of Minorities in STEM Fields: Evidence from California

Feb 7, 2014

Matias Cattaneo


Econ seminar: Robust Nonparametric Confidence Intervals for Regression-Discontinuity Designs

Feb 14, 2014

Timothy Vogelsang

Michigan State

Econ seminar: HAC-Robust Trend Comparisons Among Climate Series with Possible Level Shifts

Feb 21, 2014

Huseyin Yildirim


Econ seminar: "Pennies for Charity": Why Charities Outsource Fundraising

Mar 14, 2014

David Albouy


Econ seminar: The Distribution of Urban Land Values: Evidence from Market Transactions

Mar 26, 2014

Kathy Baylis


Econ seminar: Conserving Forests: Mandates, Management or Money

Mar 28, 2014

Don Fullerton


Econ seminar: What Drives Forest Leakage?

Apr 4, 2014

Joseph Doyle


Econ seminar: Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital and Future Crime: Evidence from Randomly-assigned Judges

Apr 11, 2014

Randall Walsh


Econ seminar: Zoning and Urban Persistence

Fall 2013

Sep 6, 2013

Jason Lindo

Texas A&M

Econ seminar: Breaking the Link Between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South Wales

Sep 20, 2013

Jean-Yves Duclos

Université Laval

Econ seminar: Multidimensional Poverty Targeting

Sep 27, 2013

Jonathan Pritchett


Econ seminar: Betting on Secession: Quantifying Political Events Surrounding Slavery and the Civil War

Oct 3, 2013

Arthur Brooks


Murphy Yates lecture

Oct 4, 2013

Carl Lin

Beijing Normal University

Econ seminar: Minimum Wages and Employment in China

Oct 18, 2013

Breno Braga


Econ seminar: Schooling, Experience, Career Interruptions, and Earnings

Oct 21, 2013

Patrick Lenain

OECD/Université Paris Est

Econ seminar: Inequality and Poverty in the United States: Public Policies for Inclusive Growth

Oct 25, 2013

Werner Troesken


Econ seminar: The Pox of Liberty: How the Constitution Left Americans Rich, Free, and Prone to Infection

Nov 1, 2013

Matthew Larsen


Econ seminar: Does Closing Schools Close Doors? The Effect of High School Closings on Achievement and Attainment

Nov 8, 2013

Cristian Sepulveda


Econ seminar: Substitution and Income Effects at the Aggregate Level: The Effective Budget Constraint of the Government and the Flypaper Effect

Nov 15, 2013

Abigail Wozniak

Notre Dame

Econ seminar: Declining Migration within the U.S.: The Role of the Labor Market

Nov 22, 2013

Daniel Silverman

Arizona State

Econ seminar: Harnessing Naturally-Occurring Data to Measure Income and Spending Accurately in Real Time

Dec 6, 2013

Hilary Hoynes


Econ seminar: Experimental Evidence on the Distributional Effects of the Head Start Program

Spring 2013

Jan 18, 2013

Kerwin Charles

Chicago (Harris School)

Econ seminar: Housing Booms, Declining Manufacturing, and Rising Non-Employment Since 2000

Jan 25, 2013

Sandra Black


Econ seminar: Losing Heart? The Effect of Job Displacement on Health

Feb 15, 2013

Grant Miller


Econ seminar: High-Powered Incentives for Anemia Reduction in Rural China

Feb 22, 2013

Christian Langpap

Oregon State

Econ seminar: Voluntary Agreements and Private Enforcement of Environmental Regulation

Mar 7, 2013

John Roemer

Yale University

Econ seminar: Economic Development as Opportunity Equalization

Mar 8, 2013

Gary Solon

Michigan State

Econ seminar: What Are We Weighting For?

Mar 12, 2013

George Loewenstein

Carnegie Mellon

Murphy Yates lecture

Mar 15, 2013

Jennifer Doleac


Econ seminar: The Effects of DNA Databases on Crime

Mar 22, 2013

Chris Taber


Econ seminar: Estimation of a Roy/Search/Compensating Differential Model of the Labor Market

Apr 5, 2013

Hoyt Bleakley


Econ seminar: Up from Poverty? The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery and the Long-run Distribution of Wealth

Apr 10, 2013

Justin Cook

Yale Public Health

Econ seminar: Long Run Health Effects of the Neolithic Revolution: The Natural Selection of Infectious Disease Resistance

Apr 12, 2013

Charles Hokayem

Poverty Statistics Branch
U.S. Census Bureau

Econ seminar: The Role of CPS Non-Response on Trends in Poverty and Inequality

Fall 2012

Sep 14, 2012

Charles Calomiris


Econ seminar: Does Macro-Pru Leak? Evidence From a UK Policy Experiment

Sep 21, 2012

Jonathan Guryan


Econ seminar: The Effect of Poor Neonatal Health on Cognitive Development: Evidence from a Large New Population of Twins

Sep 28, 2012

Tim Smeeding


Econ seminar: Employment, Poverty, and Inequality over the Early (and Middle) Stages of the Great Recession

Oct 5, 2012

Michael Klein


Econ seminar: Capital Controls: Gates and Walls

(Article in The Financial Times)

Oct 19, 2012

Tom Mroz


Econ seminar: Sample Selection Bias in the Historical Heights Literature

Nov 9, 2012

Abhijit Banerjee


Econ seminar: Ordeal Mechanisms in Targeting: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia

Nov 30, 2012

Ted Bergstrom


Econ seminar: The Good Samaritan and Traffic on the Road to Jericho

Dec 7, 2012

Catherine Eckel

Texas A&M

Econ seminar: Trust among the Poor: Evidence from a Low-income African American Neighborhood

Spring 2012

Jan 26, 2012

William Gale


Murphy Yates lecture: Fiscal Therapy: A Rehab Program for America's Debt Addiction

Jan 30, 2012

Sylvia Nasar

CIPR lecture: Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius

Jan 31, 2012

Dan Ariely


Murphy lecture: Behavioral Economics in Plain Language: Money, Cheating, and More

Feb 24, 2012

Rusty Tchernis

Georgia State

Econ seminar: Estimation of Treatment Effects Without an Exclusion Restriction: with an Application to the Analysis of the School Breakfast Program

Mar 2, 2012

Gary Fields


Econ seminar: Labour Market Analysis for Developing Countries

Mar 9, 2012

Harmut Egger

University of Bayreuth

Econ seminar: Limited Consumer Attention in International Trade

Mar 19, 2012

Richard McAdams

Chicago Law

Law seminar

Apr 6, 2012

Mary Beth Walker

Georgia State

Econ seminar: Does Shortening the School Week Impact Student Performance? Evidence from the Four-Day School Week

Apr 13, 2012

Peter Lambert


Econ seminar: The Pro-poorness, Growth and Inequality Nexus: Some Findings from a Simulation Study

Apr 20, 2012

Laura Giuliano


Econ seminar: Peer Effects and Multiple Equilibria in the Risky Behavior of Friends

Fall 2011

Sep 9, 2011

Fidan Kurtulus


Econ seminar: The Impact of Affirmative Action on the Employment of Minorities and Women Over Three Decades: 1973-2003

Sep 16, 2011

John Bowblis

Miami (Ohio)

Econ seminar: Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Reimbursement and Upcoding

Sep 22, 2011

Douglas Harris

Wisconsin (IRP, WCER)

Murphy Lecture: Conditional Cash Transfers and College Persistence: Evidence from a Randomized Need-Based Grant Program

Sep 28, 2011

Mary Olson


Health Policy talk

Oct 12, 2011

Nantaporn Plurphanswat


Health Policy talk: Gene-Environment Interaction and Adolescent Substance Use

Oct 17, 2011

Paige Skiba


Law seminar

Oct 19, 2011

Sebastian Leguizamon


Public Policy talk: Merit-Based College Tuition Assistance and The Probability of In-state Work

Oct 21, 2011

Esther Duflo


Econ seminar: Education, HIV and Early Fertility: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Oct 28, 2011

Steve Trejo


Econ seminar: The Complexity of Immigrant Generations: Implications for Assessing the Socioeconomic Integration of Hispanics and Asians

Nov 4, 2011

Michael Ransom


Econ seminar: Fame and the Fortune of Academic Economists: How the Market Rewards Influential Research in Economics

Nov 9, 2011

Michael Darden


Health Policy talk: Smoking, Morbidity, and Mortality: Evidence from a Long Panel

Nov 17, 2011

John Edwards

Center for Inter-American Policy and Research (CIPR): Mexico at the Crossroads: Learning from History, Facing the Future, Panel 3: Structural Change, Economic Growth and Equity: Part I

Nov 17, 2011

Nora Lustig

CIPR: Mexico at the Crossroads: Learning from History, Facing the Future, Panel 4: Structural Change, Economic Growth and Equity: Part II

Nov 18, 2011

Robert Kaestner

IGPA, University of Illinois-Chicago

Econ seminar: Medicare Part D and its Effect on the Use of Prescription Drugs and Use of Other Health Care Services of the Elderly

Dec 2, 2011

Vivian Wu


Econ seminar: The Long-term Impact of Medicare Payment Reductions on Patient Outcomes

Spring 2011

Jan 19, 2011

Alan Barreca


Health Policy talk: Migration and Malaria in the Early 20th Century United States

Jan 31, 2011

Carmen Diana Deere


Classroom seminar: Gender Inequality in Asset Ownership in Latin America: Female Owners vs. Household Heads

Feb 11, 2011

Jason Abrevaya


Econ seminar: A GMM Approach for Dealing with Missing Data on Regressors and Instruments

Feb 17, 2011

Jason Fletcher


Econ seminar: Genetic Modulation of the Effects of Tobacco Taxation on Use

Feb 18, 2011

Raquel Fernandez


Econ seminar: Women's Rights and Development

Feb 25, 2011

Kyna Fong


Econ seminar: Markov Perfect Network Formation

Mar 12, 2010

Conference: Economics of Immigration

Mar 18, 2011

James Foster

George Washington

Econ seminar: Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement

Mar 21, 2011

Jan Ondrich

Syracuse University

Econ seminar: The Racial and Gender Interest Rate Gap in Small Business Lending: Improved Estimates Using Matching Methods

Mar 25, 2011

Daniel Millimet


Econ seminar: Four New Empirical Tests of the Pollution Haven Hypothesis when Environmental Regulation Is Endogenous

Apr 1, 2011

Guillermo Calvo


Econ seminar: Looking at Financial Crises in the Eye (background paper 1, background paper 2)

Apr 20, 2011

David Malueg

UC Riverside

Econ seminar: Voluntary Provision of Public Goods with Private Information and the "Weakest Link" Aggregator Function

Fall 2010

Aug 27, 2010

Chao Zhou


Econ seminar: The Impact of Civil Rights Acts and Hospital Integration on Black-White Differences in Mortality: A Case Study of Motor Vehicle Accident Death Rates

Sep 1, 2010

Kaj Gittings


Econ brownbag: Firm Pay Policies and Executive Compensation

Sep 8, 2010

Jay Shimshack


Econ brownbag: Repeat Offenders, Enforcement, and Environmental Compliance

Sep 10, 2010

Conference: Political Economy of New Orleans

Sep 16, 2010

Leandro Magnusson
and Zach Flynn


Econ brownbag: Parametric Inference Using Structural Break Tests

Sep 17, 2010

David Autor


Econ seminar: Housing Market Spillovers: Evidence from the End of Rent Control in Cambridge Massachusetts

Sep 30, 2010

Audrey Singer


Murphy Lecture: Immigration, Local Reception, and the Prospects for Federal Reform

Oct 1, 2010

Bill Evans

Notre Dame

Econ seminar: The Short-Term Mortality Consequences of Income Receipt

Oct 8, 2010

Stanley Engerman


Econ seminar: Once Upon a Time in the Americas: Land and Immigration Policies in the New World

Oct 20, 2010

Claudia Campbell

Tulane SPHTM

Health Policy talk: Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum Quality Initiatives and Opportunities for Research

Oct 21, 2010

David Figlio


Murphy Lecture: The Consequences of Accountability and Choice for Urban Schools

Oct 22, 2010

Carol Graham


CIPR Lecture: Happiness around the World: The Paradox of Happy Peasants and Miserable Millionaires

Oct 25, 2010

Adam Cox

Chicago Law

Law School talk: Reconsidering Racial and Partisan Gerrymandering (food provided)

Oct 27, 2010

Nora Lustig


Econ brownbag: Constructing a Commitment to Equity Index

Nov 3, 2010

Marco Castaneda


Health Policy talk: The Effects of Organizational Form on the Adoption of New Medical Technologies in the Hospital Industry

Nov 4, 2010

Gilbert Metcalf


Murphy Lecture: Climate Change Policy and Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico: What's the Connection?

Nov 11, 2010

Gregory Clark

UC Davis

CEPA Lecture: Was there ever a Ruling Class?: 800 Years of Social Mobility in England, and its Implications for Modern Social Policy

Nov 12, 2010

Matthew Kotchen


Econ seminar: The Behavioral Response to Voluntary Provision of an Environmental Public Good: Evidence from Residential Electricity Demand

Nov 15, 2010

Mark McClellan


Murphy Lecture: The Future of Health Care Reform

Nov 17, 2010

Mallorie Smith and

Jonathan Pritchett


Econ brownbag: Sequential Sales As a Test of Adverse Selection in the Market for Slaves

Nov 19, 2010

Christina Paxson


Econ seminar: The Changing Role of Education in the AIDS Crisis

Dec 1, 2010

Chao Zhou


Health Policy talk: The Use of Patient Navigation to Eliminate Cancer Disparities-Experience from Boston Medical Center

Dec 3, 2010

Scott Carrell

UC Davis

Econ seminar: From Natural Variation to Optimal Policy: A Cautionary Tale in How Not to Improve Student Outcomes

Spring 2010

Jan 21, 2010

Glenn Loury

Brown University

Murphy Institute Yates Lecture

Jan 29, 2010

Janet Currie

Columbia University

Economics seminar: Traffic Congestion and Infant Health: Evidence from E-ZPass

Feb 19, 2010

Richard Romano

University of Florida

Economics seminar: Inefficiencies from Metropolitan Political and Fiscal Decentralization: Failures of Tiebout Competition

Feb 26, 2010

Amitabh Chandra

Harvard University

Economics seminar: Identifying Provider Prejudice in Health Care

Mar 1, 2010

Dan Aaronson

Chicago Fed

Economics brownbag: The Impact of Rosenwald Schools on Black Achievement

Mar 4, 2010

Richard Boylan

Rice University

Economics seminar: States' Responses to Shortfalls and Windfalls

Mar 5, 2010

Marzena Rostek

University of Wisconsin

Economics seminar: Price Inference in Small Markets

Mar 8, 2010

Scott Cunningham

Baylor University

Economics brownbag: The Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Returns to Education among Sex Workers

Mar 12, 2010

Aimee Chin

University of Houston

Economics seminar: Impact of Bank Accounts in Migrant Savings and Remittances: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Mar 22, 2010

Albert Fishlow

Columbia University

Center for Inter-American Policy and Research Lecture: Is Brazil the Country of the Future?

Apr 7, 2010

Ying Pan

Louisiana State University

Economics brownbag: Does Latino Population Induce White Flight? Evidence from Los Angeles County

Apr 9, 2010

Paul Pecorino

University of Alabama

Economics seminar: Title IX and the Allocation of Resources to Women's and Men's Sports

Apr 9, 2010

Hosted by CIPR

XIV Annual Meetings of the LACEA / IADB / WB / UNDP Research Network on Inequality and Poverty

Apr 9, 2010

Santiago Levy


Research Network on Inequality and Poverty keynote: Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes: Social Policy, Informality and Economic Growth in Mexico

April 26, 2010

Isaac Mbiti

Southern Methodist University

Economics brownbag

May 3, 2010

Leigh Linden

Columbia University

Economics seminar: The Effect of Village-Based Schools:
Evidence from a RCT in Afghanistan

Fall 2009

Sep 11, 2009

Juan Pantano

Washington University

Unobserved Heterogeneity in Hotz-Miller Estimation Strategies

Sep 18, 2009

Nora Lustig

Tulane University

The New Dynamics of Inequality in Latin America: A Break with the Past?

Sep 25, 2009

Olivier DeschĂȘnes

UC Santa Barbara

Weather and Death in India: Implications for Climate Change

Oct 1, 2009

Patricia Cortes

(Booth School of Business)

Outsourcing Household Production: Foreign Domestic Helpers and Native Labor Supply in Hong Kong

Oct 9, 2009

Francisco Ferreira

World Bank

Own and Sibling Effects of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Theory and Evidence from Cambodia

Oct 22, 2009

Anne van den Nouweland

University of Oregon

Share Equilibrium in Local Public Good Economies

Oct 30, 2009

Enrico Moretti

UC Berkeley

Real Wage Inequality

Nov 6, 2009

Aureo de Paula

University of Pennsylvania

Identification and Estimation of Voter Preferences

Nov 12, 2009

David Neumark

UC Irvine

Neighbors and Co-Workers: The Importance of Residential Labor Market Networks

Nov 20, 2009

Richard Steckel*
Ohio State University

Children of Adversity: The Health and Nutrition of American Slaves

Nov 20, 2009

George Deltas

University of Illinois

Welfare-Enhancing Collusion and Trade

Dec 4, 2009

Jenny Wahl*
Carleton College

Dred, Panic, War: How a Slave Case Triggered Financial Crisis and Civil Disunion

Spring 2009

Jan 23, 2009

John Edwards
Tulane University

Fuel Choice, Indoor Air Pollution, and Children's Health (with Christian Langpap)

Jan 30, 2009

Jeff Milyo
University of Missouri

The Voter ID Mess: What Do The Data Tell Us About State Election Administration, Illegal Voting and Vote Suppression

Feb 6, 2009

Stefano Barbieri
Tulane University

Threshold Uncertainty in the Private-Information Subscription Game

Feb 13, 2009

Jeff Zabel
Tufts University

The Impact of Minimum Lot Size Regulations
On House Prices in Eastern Massachusetts

Feb 27, 2009

Chuck Mason
University of Wyoming

Why Do Firms Hold Oil Stockpiles?

Mar 6, 2009

Naci Mocan
Louisiana State University


Mar 13, 2009

Delia Furtado
University of Connecticut

Intermarriage and Immigrant Employment: The Role of Networks

Apr 17, 2009

Keith Finlay
Tulane University

How Mass Incarceration Affects Families: Evidence from Birth Outcomes

Fall 2008

Sept 12, 2008

Douglas Nelson
Tulane University

Employment Risk, Fairness and the Political Economy of Trade Policy

Sept 19, 2008

Marcus Berliant
Washington University

Explaining the Size Distribution of Cities: X-treme Economies

Sept 26, 2008

Van Pham
Baylor University

Imports ' R' Us: Retail Chains as Platforms for
Developing-Country Imports

Oct 2, 2008

Marianne Bitler
UC Irvine

Effects of Increased Access to Infertility Treatment on Infant and Child Health: Evidence from Health Insurance Mandates

Oct 17, 2008

Josh Ederington
University of Kentucky

Infant Industry Protection and Industrial Dynamics

Oct 24, 2008

Jason Pearcy
Tulane University

The Dynamics of Switching Costs

Nov 7, 2008

Jay Shimshack
Tulane University

School Buses, Diesel Emissions, and Respiratory Health

Nov 14, 2008

Timothy Beatty
University of York, U.K.

Power in Revealed Preference Tests

Nov 21, 2008

Wolfram Schlenker
Columbia University

Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields: The Importance of Nonlinear Temperature Effects

Financial support for the Department of Economics Seminar Series is provided by the Murphy Institute. Seminars marked with an asterisk are funded by the Newcomb-Tulane Duren Professorship.

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