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Keith Finlay

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of California, Irvine

B.A. Reed College

Research interests: labor economics, applied econometrics, public policy

205 Tilton Hall


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Short bio

Keith Finlay received his B.A. in economics from Reed College. He completed his doctoral work in economics in 2007 at the University of California, Irvine. He studies the social costs of crime.

Selected publications

Effect of Employer Access to Criminal History Data on the Labor Market Outcomes of Ex-Offenders and Non-Offenders. 2009. In David H. Autor, editor, Studies of Labor Market Intermediation, pp. 89–125. Chicago: University of Chicago Press and NBER. Also released as NBER Working Paper 13935. gs.

Implementing Weak Instrument Robust Tests for a General Class of Instrumental Variables Models. 2009. (with Leandro Magnusson). Stata Journal 9(3): 398–421. rivtest Stata ado file, rivtest Stata help file. gs.

Is Marriage Always Better for Children? Evidence from Families Affected by Incarceration. 2010. (with David Neumark). Journal of Human Resources 45(4): 1046–88. Also released as NBER Working Paper 13928. gs. doi.

Parental Substance Use and Foster Care: Evidence from Two Methamphetamine Supply Shocks. 2013. (with Scott Cunningham). Economic Inquiry 51(1): 764-82. Online appendix. doi.

Who Benefits from Tax Evasion? 2011 (accepted). (with James Alm). Forthcoming in Economic Analysis and Policy.

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